Red Zone game of the week preview

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Its time now to talk about the Red Zone game of the week. For that we head to Crockett where the Bulldogs have an early test against number nice Lexington. Now last week Crockett scrimmaged number eight Centerville and they held their own in the live quarter, moving the ball well and only giving up a late touchdown. After totaling just one win in 2012, the Bulldogs are eager to show their improvement. Head coach Joe Kettler has plenty of pieces to work with in running back AJ Phillips and wide receiver Carlton Shirley, the challenge is spreading the ball around to keep defenses guessing.

Kettler says, "AJ has to touch it at least 20 to 25 times a game, Carlton has to touch it at least 10, and so forth. We will do a good job of spreading the ball out to our athletes. With one win, we are hungry, we are excited that our first four games are at home and these guys are very dedicated. They understand what happened last year and in their minds, that's not going to happen again."

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