Trinity emergency responders find man covered in ants, sitting in excrement

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity police are trying to raise awareness for neighbors to report questionable activity after finding a man sitting on his couch in his own excrement and covered in ants in his trailer house Wednesday evening.

Police Chief Steve Jones said Sgt. Randy Wheeler had responded along with FM 356 Fire Department to check into a relative's call at Arndt's Lane off of FM 356.

Jones said they found a 74-year-old man sitting on a couch in his own excrement and covered in ants. There were hundreds of bites all over his body and Wheeler believed he had been sitting there for weeks.

Responders were alerted to the situation after a rent check from the man had bounced. That's when a relative went to the house and saw his condition.

Jones said the man had people who were taking care of him and using his car and money and it appears they had quit taking care of him. A neighbor had been in the home a few times and tried to get him to eat and drink but he would not cooperate. Jones believes that is how he got enough food and water to get by every day.

"He was just skin and bones," Jones said. "You could see his shoulder blades and his muscles had deteriorated."

Jones said he could not walk but could talk.

Jones said Adult Protective Services and the Trinity County Sheriff's Office are investigating the case.

He was treated for his injuries at a Trinity hospital.

Jones stressed that people should alert authorities anytime they see a potentially dangerous situation with older neighbors.

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