Sole searching at East Texas thrift store results in $1800 find

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Finding $1800 in a pair of slippers is not something volunteers expected to find when sorting through donations at the Women's Shelter Thrift Store in Nacogdoches. The money actually belonged to the late husband of a Center woman who was surprised to find out there was money tucked inside the slipper.

"I wasn't really surprised because my husband had a history of putting away money to buy gifts for me," Polly McKissick said.

Polly McKissick was married to her late husband Joel for 29 years. She said he was known for saving money in a safe place but never would McKissick have thought the pair of slippers she donated would be valued at $1800.

"My husband Joel passed away July 15. He was a wonderful, generous man, and he had really nice clothes," McKissick said. "We always believed that if you have more than you need, you should share it with someone."

Sharing her husband's clothing turned into more than a generous donation when she received a phone call Friday.

A volunteer at the Women's Shelter Thrift Store was sorting through McKissick's donation when they found stashed cash inside of one of the slippers.

"You can't inventory what comes in, so it's a lot of the honor system when sorting things,' said Women's Shelter Thrift Store Operations Manager Lisa Jackman. "It just proves that we have good people and they do the right thing."

Lisa Jackman said this is the third time a donation was more than a free gift.

"We found a Rolex and a diamond ring that we had appraised, and it was appraised for $15,000. We were able to return that," Jackman said.

Jackman said it's a good feeling to be able to return lost items.

"Because it was her husband and she lost him," Jackman said. "What a great gift to be able to give back to her even if she doesn't use it for herself."

McKissick won't be keeping it for herself.

"I think since it's an unexpected gift I'm going to hang on to it and I'm going to use it to help someone that needs an unexpected gift from time to time," McKissick said. "I'll be able to help them with a gift from Joel and he would love that, too."

McKissick said She is thankful for the volunteer who found the money and gave him a monetary gift for his honesty.

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