Concert choir from Nacogdoches' Pine Flats CME Church hoping to return blessings

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Karen Biggers-Tutt Community Choir is in its 14th year of entertaining others with heart-felt Gospel music. Throughout the year, members raise money to help individuals with costly medical expenses.

Its annual concert is tomorrow in Nacogdoches. During a sneak preview, East Texas News learned blessings have come full circle, right back to those in the choir loft.

In the historic Pine Flat C.M.E. Methodist Church, a prayer sets the rehearsal stage for the Karen Biggers-Tutt Community Choir.

"All heads bowed," Karen Christopher, the director of the Karen Biggers-Tutt Concert Choir said during her prayer. Father, God, we come to say thank you for all your many blessings."

With each selected song a blessing was recalled.

"I can remember I was living in a world of sin," one choir member said.

Never forgotten is Karen Biggers-Tutt. The choir member struggled with medical expenses before dying of cancer.

The choir was determined to pay the expenses, and for 14 years, members never stopped raising money for someone. Lately, blessings are found with a glance down the choir row.

"This past year my mom which will be dead on Sunday one year," said Brenda Mitchell, a choir member. "Last year she was one of the recipients, Mrs. Katheryn Ramsey and also my sister who was in a bad car accident in June of last year."

There's the cancer survivor singing praise. The pianist, recovering from brain surgery, is thankful for retaining her gifts.

And this year, Janice Ballard's husband will receive medical travel expenses.

The stories explain why the gospel song, "Pressing my way" is a favorite.

"We have to keep pressing our way through," Ballard said. "It's not all about us because it could be a lot worse. Thank God it's as well as it is."

"In our choir there are a lot of us that are renewed, re-strengthened through our rehearsals," Mitchell said. "We just feel like keep on pressing our way."

The Karen Biggers-Tutt Community Choir will perform Saturday night at 6 p.m. in Nacogdoches at the Pine Flat C.M.E Church on Farm Road 3228.

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