Lufkin off to good start

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Didyou really expect anything less from the Lufkin offense on Friday night? Yeahquarterback Trey Cumbie made the first start of his career, but he handled thesituation well and led his team to a 52 to 28 victory over then 10th rankedjohn Tyler. There were a lot of positives in the Panthers win, but there arealso some things that need to be cleaned up.

Letsbe honest, the first quarter didn't look good for Lufkin as the defense gave upover 200 yards and 21 points. But then the unit settled down, allowing theoffense to get the Pack back in the game. Aside from giving up three bigplays, one on 3rd and long, the purple and white defense played outstanding,but...

CoachTodd Quick says, "Those are the ones that stick out in the your mind, thesituations, the long yardage and giving that up and that's the why coaches are,you will have you know 55 snaps and 52 of them you are pretty pleased with butthose 3 are the first ones you cover on the film."

Afterthe first frame, Lufkin dominated JT, giving up just over 140 yards the rest ofthe game, showing what they are capable of.

DefensiveTackle Dayrien Driver says, "I feel like our defense can take us a longway in our football season this year and I feel like we can dominate a lot ofteams with our defense and we can help our offense get the ball more andscore."

Scoringand producing points is what the Panthers offense is all about. All Cumbie didin his debut was throw for over 220 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Offensivelineman Dominick Hall says"Everybody thought they trey had some big shoesto fill but all I can say is trey has big feet too." Quick added, "Hemade the reads and made the plays, I mean he had a couple of mistakes butoverall he gave us an opportunity to win the football game and got the ball inthe players hands."

Findinga rhythm is key in a spread offense, and especially for the quarterback. With athree headed monster at wide receiver, a dynamic running back, and a veteranoffensive line, the sky is limit for the panther offense.

Hallsays,"Its all about our quarterback, when our quarterback gets going thenits hard to stop him,. he really is running everything." Quickadded,"Also add the fact that we can tempo which does not allow them tosubstitute, you can get the personnel you want on the field and then you tempothem so there is a lot of different things we can do, there are a lot ofdifferent areas we can attack, we just have to stay healthy."

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