Carrying the cross

You might have seen a man carrying a huge wooden cross down US 59 this past week. Michelle Reed caught up with him today and tells you why the Kansas City man is walking from Houston to Arkansas. That story's at 6.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has passed a rule allowing dogs to trail wounded deer in all but 10 counties in the state of Texas. For those interested in doing it, if you're reading this email, you likely can't. That's because all 10 counties are in East Texas. At 6, Donna McCollum finds out why East Texas is left out of the dogfight.

Also at 6, Maegan Prejean continues coverage of Monday's earthquakes in Timpson. There have been 11 recorded by the government since May 2012. Tonight, Maegan has new details on how the 'quakes could be considered aftershocks.

We hope you'll watch!

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor