Man carrying cross on highway 59 says he's showing his commitment to God

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You might have seen a man carrying a huge, wooden cross down highway 59 this past week. That man is actually Michael Fisher, a native of Kansas City, who is traveling 600 miles by foot from Houston to Arkansas all because God told him to.

"What God does inside of us is supernatural and is hard to explain you know? You can't really put it into words," Fisher said. "We all meet at the foot of the cross, every one of us. I don't care how good you think you've been or had bad you think you've been. He died for all the sins of those who believe."

It seems crazy, but for the past two years, Fisher has been traveling from city to city with the 250 pound cross by foot.

"About six-and-a-half years ago, I got saved in the county jail. Some guy laid his hands on me and I was broken. His words--he said 'never deny a broken or contrite spirit,' and he didn't deny me. He didn't deny me because I came broke and on my knees before God," Fisher said. "We can do things and show God how we have this ability, but that's not really what he's looking for—it's our availability. He wants us to be available for him and he'll use the things that he's created inside of us for his Glory—not for ours. It's what he does, not what we do. It's who he calls us to be, not what we do."

Fisher says he spent most of his time in-and-out of jail for various reasons prior to his epiphany. He also owned a very wealthy tree climbing business where he would take out bad trees. It was when he lost everything that he really started to listen to God.

"The people who have a lot of money and they do not know Christ, it's hard for them to get to know Christ because they've got their claws dug in the world. But when you lose pretty much everything that you've got you're going to be coming to a broken spot and you're going to be saying 'father, forgive me for making it about this instead of making it about you,'" Fisher said.

Fisher chose to be homeless, but says he doesn't consider himself empty.

"I'm not really homeless because I have more homes and accepted more places because of Christ," Fisher said.

Fisher has several different crosses that he carries with him, and has built the crosses so he can store food, water, and tents inside. The cross even has solar panels on it so he can charge his iPhone and electronics. He actually will have the crosses shipped to him if he needs them to get repaired.

He says most people might think he's nuts, but he doesn't care.

"Not everyone stops and says anything to me. Some people might drive by in judgment. Some people might think that I'm crazy. It doesn't matter. I don't care what the world thinks anymore. God calls the ones that he wants to stop," Fisher said.

Like Derrick Dewalt, who decided to stop by Tuesday afternoon to see if Fisher needed some change.

"I believe this man is the faith of God, I honestly do. I look at him walking down the road with a cross and being homeless by choice and you're trying to send a message out to the world. I believe he's a sign from God," Dewalt said.

And Ronnie Frankens, who offered to take Fisher to a hotel after he saw him bent down in the shade trying to cool down from the sun.

"He paid his own way. I just carried him to the hotel. He's not asking for money, he didn't ask me for money. As a matter of fact, he told me that some people stop on the side of the road and he's actually given them money," Frankens sad.

Brenda Ellisor, the owner of Pitt Stop Bar-B-Que even gave Fisher a hot meal.

"I think anyone who is doing anything for God these days is very, very uplifting to me because just about everywhere you go now everybody wants to leave God out of everything," Ellisor said.

But Fisher says he doesn't see himself as a messenger and doesn't expect people to treat him like he's homeless. In fact, he still runs his tree climbing business from the road, making enough money to get him by.

"When it's time for me to have work, my phone starts ringing as I get close to town. Always happens. Never fails," Fisher said."God spoke to me and told me to go. So, I'm doing what he tells me to do. I hear from the Lord from the inside. He speaks to me. Sometimes when I'm in prayer for other people, I hear things from the Lord and I start praying it and the next thing I know they're balling. I know that God sees everything. He knows everybody's minds. He knows their hearts. He sees everything that happens. He's proven that to me."

Fisher says he also goes into bad neighborhoods with crosses and talks to those who are dealing with drug addiction.

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