Angelina Co. extension agent shows how to conserve water

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In order for residents to help conserve water, officials say it is important to recycle it and one way to do that is through harvesting systems, which are becoming popular in local households.

"Folks have used garbage cans," said county extension agent, Cary Sims. "Folks have used recycle barrels. You can use any number of devices."

This harvesting system costs $85 for all the supplies, except for the tank.

"I disassembled the spot gutter. I added in place some flexible tubing that I reinserted. It goes down to the rainwater harvesting system," Sims said.

The system is then attached to two plastic flower pots with a mesh filter allowing the water to go into the tank and a release is at the end serves as an outlet for the water.

These recycling tanks have also become popular in areas where it might be hard to run a line of running water.

"They are out at hunting camps were they don't have a well. They have collected water off of their roof," Sims said. "We've seen that as a source of water out there."

If saving money is your number one goal, this won't do that for a long time, but it does help.

"The main reason we harvest rainwater is to put less of a strain on city services," Sims said.

Sims also says another benefit to the system is if water restrictions are put into place in your area, the rainwater you have stored can be used without going against the restrictions.