Love is in the air: East Texans dealing with the annual return of love bugs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - All Deep East Texas motorists know by now the annual return of the 'love bug' is here.

You barely have time to pull out of the driveway and vehicle windshields are decorated with bug splats. By the time you make it down the road the front grill is covered with evidence of the romantic bugs' last farewell.

Local car washes end up scrubbing the corpses off.  It's smart to get dead love bugs off right away or risk paint damage.

"I can't tell you how many customers we get and the car comes through and there is still, we're done with the car, and they think you haven't gotten the love bugs off," said William Fajardo, the owner of Excel Car Wash/ And i have to point out to them let me show you a little closer, they had literally pitted all the way to the metal surface of the car."

You shouldn't go more than a week with the dead love bugs on your car.

Some people coat their vehicles with liquid detergent or cooking oil to ease the removal. Experts say just don't use anything too corrosive.

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