Kennard ISD officials talk about new security measures on campus

KENNARD, TX (KTRE) - At least one East Texas school has taken a proactive approach to school safety and added a number of new security measures to their campus.

Last school year, the Kennard ISD campus was open and visitors could just walk through any door but in an effort to make their school safer, the district has added some new security.  

"We have tried to take steps to be proactive in security our campus," said Lenora Foy, Kennard Elementary Principal. "Of course we hear about tragedies just like the tragedy that happened at Spring ISD [Wednesday] and unfortunately you can't predict for tragedy, when it's going to happen, but we just try to be prepared in case there was one here."

The open campus is now secured by gates where visitors can only access the school buildings after being identified and buzzed in by an administrator.

"We just added a new entry system to our campus and with that entry system the doors are locked, the entry doors are locked and for staff members they may enter the building by a card key," said Foy.

And for any visitors wanting to gain entry into the campus, the have to walk up, push a button and have someone in administration look at them through the camera, identify themselves and wait for a response which could either be for that person to go to the office or the door will open allowing that person in.

Goy says parents send their children to school to be educated in a safe environment and that exactly what they are trying to provide.

"A student can focus a little better when they're safe," said Foy. "I would definitely feel that we are safe, just as safe or safer that some of the other schools in East Texas. I'm sure every school district is trying to proactive instead of reactive just as we are."

"I feel a lot safer now. I really do," said Kennard student,  Cassidy Henderson.

And parents are on-board with all the security upgrades especially today after hearing what happened at Tuesday at Spring High School.

"As far as our school, I feel that my children are very protected," said Angela White, Kennard Parent. "I'm not saying that nothing like that could happen at our school but I do feel that my children are very safe."

Foy says that the security upgrades weren't installed as a direct response to recent school tragedies but events like Sandy Hook and Wednesday's stabbing in Spring ISD definitely made an impact on their decision.

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