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Police need help identifying gas station purse snatcher


Some East Texas thieves made a bold move when they stole a Longview woman's purse right out of her car while she was pumping gas. It happened in broad day light at a busy gas station in Longview and no one saw a thing.

"I was in shock, for sure. In denial a little bit like, no, this didn't really happen," says Dawn Mayfield.

Gas station surveillance video shows Dawn pull up to the pump. Just across the lot, another car is watching and waiting. A woman steps out of that car and heads for Dawn's vehicle.

"It couldn't have been 30 seconds... it was just that fast,"  explains Dawn.

In the video, you can see the woman walking toward Dawn's car. Then, if you look closely, you can see the woman's hands in Dawn's passenger seat. Another surveillance camera captured the woman walking calmly back to the vehicle she came from, Dawn's purse in hand.

"I didn't see anybody. I was looking around kind of confused, I mean, I was standing right there and I didn't even notice anything. Tons of people are around, it's daylight and no one is acting like they saw anything," recalls Dawn.

To make matters worse, Dawn says she had more than a thousand dollars in that purse. She says she was on her way to get a money order to pay her taxes.

"My heart was in my stomach and... it's sad that a criminal got away with such a reward. It's disappointing and it hurts," says Dawn.

Dawn lost the purse itself, which was a gift from her husband, some jewelry inside the purse and many other personal belongings.

"You think it's just your purse, but a woman has all of their stuff in their purse," says Dawn.

"You don't think that someone is going to be that bold and do it while you're standing right there. People should lock their doors, roll up their windows and be aware of their surroundings. That's what I've learned from this experience. You can never be too careful," reflects Dawn.

Longview Police have not been able to identify the person in the surveillance video.

Police say the woman has multiple tattoos on her legs, they hope the large one on the back of her left calf will help someone identify her.

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