Nacogdoches PD conducts alcohol enforcement operation

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday the NacogdochesPolice Department conducted an alcohol enforcement check at 10 Nacogdochesretail establishments.

Officers attemptedcontrolled purchases of alcohol by a minor and of all there retailers checkednone sold to the minor.

The stores checked were CVS, UniversityChevron, H&Z Tobacco, Tobacco Barn, Tetco, Walgreens, Appleby Sand Depotand three Rudy's locations.

"Our minor actuallyhad his driver's license and he's not allowed to lie and the clerk asked himhow old he was and he has to say he's 18 and a lot of the stores have a goodautomatic check where they'll swipe the driver's license that alert them if theperson is a minor," said Sgt. Mack McKee, Street Crimes.

McKee says the department has two to four ofthese operations each year.

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