Former Garrison track star promoting healthy living

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saturday golfers tooktheir place on the green in support of improving the health and fitness of theyouth in Nacogdoches.

Garrison native turned Olympictrack star Eric Thomas hosted his 2nd annual golf classic to raise money forhis foundation.

"We do a lot ofstatistics on the area to see what is going on and we know that Nacogdoches isone of the place s that needs help and that's what we are trying to do,"said Thomas.

Thomas says his key goalsare to educate children and families on healthy eating habits and help kidsdevelop athletic abilities.

"Kids always needother role model to look up too and Eric has been that for this community,"said Belinda Ramsey, Former Miss Texas.

13 teams participated Saturday morning andgolfers agree that there is a health crisis and Thomas is working towardsgiving the community access to resources they need to better their health.

"You can have fun andyou can eat well and you can enjoy what you're eating, its and educationalthing and we need to press that narrative forward for our children," said MariaArita, TV personality.

"It's the directionthat the world is going in and finally the world is recognizing how importantit is at such a young age to incorporate health and fitness into yourlifestyle," said Ramsey.

Former Miss Texas Belinda Ramsey came of outto support the cause and she believe Thomas's effort with children can inspireanyone to change their lifestyle for the better.

"It's just asimportant for adults and its never too late so if you're one of those couchpotatoes that's out there that's not very active, it's never too late to startliving healthy," said Ramsey.

And Thomas hopes to lead by example with hisefforts and one help produce a healthier Nacogdoches.

Each year the foundation honorsseniors from high schools in rural towns with scholarships to help them reachtheir goals for the future.

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