Is Church of Wells extreme or just passionate?

Rumors keep swirling around the community of Wells about the Church of Wells. Some call it a cult, though the church stays away from that term. Donna McCollum ran into a man today who said he was part of an extreme religion group for more than three years in the 1970s. He explains how he got involved in the church and how he got out and explains his thoughts on the Church of Wells.

And Leigha Hughes spoke with elders of the Church of Wells today to get an understanding of if anything Karl Kerr experienced in the 70s is going on in their church today.

Both of those reports come at 6.

At 5, you'll meet a pair of Lufkin women who have children who survived cancer and what those moms are doing to lend support to women who are in the same position.

Ja'Bryant Davis is in the Angelina County Jail for allegedly breaking into Screen Geeks and stealing several smartphones. At 6, Caleb Beames explains how Davis may have busted himself after posting a for-sale status message on Facebook.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor