Lufkin moms of young cancer survivors providing comfort to other moms

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Two Lufkin women have formed a bond, as mothers of children who survived cancer. Hospitals became their homes as their children received treatment. During this time, they realized others are experiencing the same journey. They are helping other mothers by making comfort bags for survival.

Angie Nichols and Amy Grigg are both mothers of children who have survived brain cancer and leukemia. Their emotional experiences have motivated them to start Something Abundant Ministries and give other mothers tools of encouragement.

"The way it feels to be a mom that's told their baby is facing a life threatening illness and what that is like; we connected over that," Angie Nichols said. "We thought let's do something for these moms."

When the Lufkin women are told about a parent in the U.S. in need, they put together bags to hand deliver or mail to mothers of children who were just diagnosed with cancer or a life threatening illness.

"We can just take it to them and tell them that we're praying for them, that we love them, and that we know what its like," Nichols said.

Each comfort bag includes encouraging scriptures, hand-made soaps, lotions, chap stick and a journal to write down their experiences.

"I know that was something that I did early on in my daughter's experience; I starting writing down how I felt," Nichols said. "From that, God put a book in my heart that is now written and that goes in the bag."

The bag also includes an organizer; something Amy Grigg knows is very important.

"I felt like I could focus and get my thoughts together, and all the paperwork that was being handed to me every day I could file it away and keep it organized," Amy Grigg said. "So, it was a little bit of organization in a very chaotic time."

Each bag is bringing a sense of hope, encouragement and peace for a mother.

"Just to be able to wrap our arms around them, and pray with them, and hand them this tool bag; it's my favorite thing to do," Grigg said.

Next week, two bags will be hand delivered to mothers with children who were diagnosed with cancer in Midlothian during one of Nichols' speaking events. Another bag will be mailed to a mother of a premature baby in Arkansas.

For more information about Something Abundant Ministries, about upcoming events, or how to provide a comfort bag, visit

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