Facebook posts helps Lufkin police catch store burglar

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Ja'Bryant Davis is in theAngelina Co. Jail for burglary of a building after he allegedly broke intoscreen Geek's off of John Redditt Dr. on Sept.5 .

Four days after Screen Geekswas broken into, the glass has been replaced and product has been restocked.

"It was a hugerelief," said Screen Geeks owner Matt Davis. "I'm thankful to the Lufkin policedepartment and KTRE for getting the words out about the phones and helping uscatch Ja'Bryant."

Ja'Bryant Davis is in theAngelina Co. Jail for burglary of a building.

According to the arrestaffidavit, statements from two individuals who say they saw Ja'Bryant Davis inpossession of the stolen phones led Lufkin detectives to do more digging andthat's when they found his facebook page with posts like this one that ask ifanyone needs a phone.

"The suspect actuallyposted a mirror picture of him with one of the stolen phones," Davis said.

Matt Massey says that facebook posts havebecome very useful tools for police.

"With how tight budgets are right now,any information you can get for free is going to help those departments out,"Massey said.

Davis was in court Monday.When asked about the posts on facebook, Davis denied the accusations.

Matt Davis says he hasseen a lot of dumb crimes and says this one goes in the category.

"Taking pictures inthe mirror of yourself with something you stole, ranks pretty high up there asthings not to do as a criminal," said Davis.

Bond for Ja'Bryant Davishas not been set. He is also facing an unauthorized use of vehicle charge andthat bond is set at $25,000.

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