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DPS recreates wet weather to show drivers how to react


The Department of Public Safety and Mesa Police recreated wet driving conditions to show what to do if a car ever hydroplanes.

"A lot of people will drive in inclement weather conditions the same they would on a sunny day with dry roads," said Tom Gussie, who has been a police driving instructor for more than two decades.

In fact, that may have been what led to some four dozen accidents on Arizona highways Monday. DPS says at least 48 crashes were reported due to the weather. Gussie says there is the obvious wet-weather driving advice.

"If you're too close, what do you do? You back up from it. If you've got really wet road conditions, you create more space. You reduce your speed," he stated.

But what if it's too late, and your car is already hydroplaning? Gussie says it's important to remember three tips that could get you safely out of a skid and prevent a crash from happening.

"Get off the gas, steer into the direction of the skid and try to use a minimum amount of steering," he said.

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