Angelina Co. Sheriff's Office investigating possible animal hoarding situation

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County Sheriff's Office is investigating a possible hoarding situation after more than 15 animals, some alive and others dead, were discovered inside a Diboll woman's home.

"It was probably one of the worst living conditions we've ever seen inside a house," said Angelina County Sheriff, Greg Sanches.

Angelina county sheriff's deputies needed protective suits to go inside this house on Gossett Road in Diboll.

Sanches says the home is unlivable.

"The smell inside the house was just unbearable," said Sanches. "In fact, it was so bad our deputies had to suit up in suits with oxygen and go inside and be real careful where they stepped. Animal feces all through the house. Cats and dogs all over the house. Several dead. Inside. Outside and the individual that owned the home just could not see the problem."

One dog named Daisy, according to the homeowner and at least 10 cats were found living amongst the carcasses of numerous other dead animals.

The homeowner did not want to appear on camera and she is not being identified but she did talk with KTRE for a few minutes. She says she's had animals for over 55 years. She takes good care of them and they're part of her family.

"I don't understand why that is such an important issue," said the homeowner." "Everybody wants animals. I'm by myself. That's my family."

Sanches said 2 cats and 1 dog were taken from the property under the cruel confinement law and they weren't able to catch the rest.

"I'm telling you. They're not taking my animals away from me," said the homeowner. "They mean a lot to me. They're my life."

She said she was trying to clean up her house.

"It's a mess. It's a mess. I really am ashamed of it. I can't help it. I'm one person," said the homeowner.

Standing at the door, you could smell a strong and pungent odor coming from inside the house.

The homeowner said, "I don't smell anything. But everybody else that comes in they do but I'm used to it."

Sanches says they called Adult and Protective Services to come and check on the homeowner.

"You know when somebody's living in that kind of condition that's pretty bad so we have to go and check it out and just look at everything from the human standpoint and also the animal protection as well," said Sanches. 

The 3 animals that were seized are at Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter and will be checked by a vet. Sanches says they won't be returned to the homeowner.

Sanches says the investigation is on-going and he will have to check with the county attorney to see if any charges will be filed.

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