Jasper girl overcomes genetic disorder, gets new lungs

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - A one-year-old Jasper girl is adapting to her new set of lungs and was able to finally come home this month. Parson Blue Herrington was born with a genetic disorder but never gave up the fight for survival. The gift of giving has spared Parson's life and brought her new healthy lungs.

A year ago at the young age of three months old, Parson began struggling to breathe on her own.

Doctors diagnosed her with the genetic disorder Filamen A, and a Houston hospital would become her home for the next year in hopes of getting a double lung transplant.

"Because of Parson's donor that's why we got our miracle and that's why we have amazing hope," Jennifer Herrington said. "Our community has really embraced her and I think it's because people love a story of hope."

In June, Parson received a new set of lungs making it possible for the one-year-old to live out her story of hope each day.

"It's still hard to believe that she can breathe so easy because for all of her life it was a struggle; her lips turned blue, she would sweat, choke and cough," Rodney Herrington said.

But struggle is a thing of the past for the fierce small town girl. The Herrington's said after six different offers did not work a pair of lungs came just in time. After three months of living and adjusting to her lungs things are going well.

"No signs of rejection and she really, really likes the new lungs," Jennifer said.

"Just not seeing her struggle it's amazing," Rodney said.

Parson is finally home in Jasper getting things back to normal one dose of medication at a time.

"She goes to the clinic, gets blood work, meets with nurses, has physical therapy, and she also gets occupational therapy to help with feeding," Jennifer said.

Parson's fight to survive has been encouragement and inspiration for many.

"I have people who come up to me on the street and say you have no idea what Parson's story has done for me," Jennifer said.

The Herrington's said a selfless act from someone else is the reason their daughter will be able to live each day thankful for her donor.

"It's a way that you can give to someone that they can never repay you for," Jennifer said. "It's a true sacrifice."

It's the kind of sacrifice the Herrington's will never forget.

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