Lufkin ceremony commemorates 9/11

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The voices of elementarystudents filled the Woodland Heights Affinity Center, in remembrance of thosewho lost their lives during the four terrorist attacks on September 11th, 12years ago.

"I couldn't believeit, that our nation was being attacked like that, it was terrible," saidPete Peterson, event attendee.

Wednesday Lufkin was justone of the many communities across the nation observing Patriot Day byremembering the devastating loss and thanking those who serve our country.

"We remember it todaybecause it's still in our minds, it happened unexpectedly but it happened,"said Samuel Coleman, Army Veteran

12 years ago Jan Petersonwas a teacher at Lufkin High school and she says even in the classroom studentslives were changed forever.

"There was a sense ofuncertainty; we decided the best thing was to go on after we let them talkabout things," said Peterson.

Many people say despite the tragic event thathappened that day, the events of 9-11 brought the country together."

"We came together as a nation under Godas we say and we were there already but this just kind of united us more,"said Coleman.

"It pulled our nationtogether all of us. I think it pulled Americans together, it was a renewal,"said Pete Peterson.

The anniversary is also areminder of the heroes that brought hope to the country during a time of suffering.

"I think it isimportant that we always remember and it not fade in our memory," said KimOgden, Assistant Director of Marketing, Woodland Heights Medical Center.

And teach a new generationthe character of a nation that remained indivisible against all odds.

"We're 12 years outand it should be just as real today as it was then," said Ogden.

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