Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 9/12/13

Denny's at 1910 E. Denman Ave: 14 demerits for must have food manager on site at all times with ACCHD FHC, clean all floor drains, clean under fryers/equipment, clean floors in walk-in coolers, hand sinks for hand-washing only, do not store utensils in standing water, replace cutting boards, store ice scoops properly.

The Basement at 1903 S. First St.: 10 demerits for clean keg cooler in bar, need paper towels at handsinks, clean inside ice machine.

Gammie's Pizza at 188 Hwy. 147: Seven demerits for do not store food items on floor, clean ceiling air vent, clean freezer shelves, clean ice machines, store ice scoops properly, must have food grade container for ice.

Orange Leaf at 4505 S. Medford St. 307: Four demerits for clean floor drain, remove expired food, clean inside ice machine.

Marble Slab Creamery at 4001 S. Medford Ste. 100: Three demerits for proof of extermination needed.

Golden Corral at 2401 S. First St.: No demerits.

Cafe Memorial at 1201 Frank St.: No demerits.

The Original Fried Pie Shop at 1920 E. Denman Ave.: No demerits.

Mrs. Candi's Cakes at 3458 Ted Trout Drive: No demerits.

Chick-fil-A at 4605 S. Medford Drive: No demerits.

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