Angelina Co. Health District gets grant renewal

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County andCities Health District believe that too many people in hospitals that don'tneed to be there.

That's what DirectorSharon Shaw said inspired the health district to apply for a grant.

"We were thrilled," saidShaw. "To be funded, and our groups getting out in the community andvaccinating with over 2,000 pneumonia and flu shots makes a big impact to thehealth of our community."

The grant is part of thepotentially preventable hospitalization initiative.

With the grant the healthdistrict looked to raise awareness as much as possible.

The goal was to vaccinate550 people for pneumonia. The group vaccinated 2,203 people.

The group was aiming tovaccinate 550 people, but ended up vaccinating 4,480 people.

The District wanted to reach2,754 people with Dehydration education, when the group was only looking atreaching 100.

Shaw says that communitygroups like the Christian Information and Service Center is what made the grantso successful the first time around.

"We're actuallygiving the vaccinations at places like apartments and the food bank and also atservice groups," Shaw said. "We are touching a wide Variety of folks and we aredoing education on health care."

With the grant renewed, thehealth district has new goals.

"Adding high bloodpressure here in East Texas is huge because we battle it every day here," Shawsaid. "We need to educate our public on how to be tested, how to check theirblood pressure and also taking their medication in a timely fashion."

Shaw added that over the next 24 months, thestate will be releasing numbers from the study so The Health District will beable to monitor their progress with the program.

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