Trinity Police explain breaking car window in baby rescue

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - TrinityPolice Chief Steven Jones said he would do it, and he did.

"Igave him the order to go ahead and break out the window out," said Jones.

On Thursday, Jones and officersfrom the department had to break a window to save a 6-month-old that had beentrapped in a minivan because his grandmother locked her keys inside.

"Hewas profusely sweating and I knew that was a sign to take immediate action,"said Jones.

Jonessays the woman estimated her grandson was in the van for about 10 minutes, butin the 95-degree heat ensuring the infant's safety was the top priority.

"Ilooked at the child and could tell it had been longer," said Jones.

Studiesshow it can take as little as 15 minutes in an overheated car for a child tosuffer brain of kidney injuries."

"Wewent back and reviewed the video cameras at Brookshire Brothers and herestimate of time she thought 10 minutes had past,  actually 28 minutes had past," saidJones.

This year37 children have died after being left in hot cars and Jones says even thoughthis was an accident everyone can learn from the close call.

"Therewere actually other people that came up and stood with her and was watchingthis child inside the car in this high temperature and they just didn't knowthey weren't educated," said Jones.

Authoritiessay anytime you see a child locked in a vehicle to notify law enforcementimmediately.

The infant's grandmother isn'tfacing any criminal charges and Jones says the six month old was checked out byparamedics and it in good condition.

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