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Huntington students get outside lesson with garden


Teachers are always trying to come up with new ways to teach their students, but Huntington elementary has a 14 year tradition that seems to be working.

"It's called lasagna gardening, because it comes in layers," said Master Gardener, Rev. Marlow Shubert. "It's very easy but very, very effective."

It's more than a garden. It is also a hands' on class room.

"We do all hands on [work]," said Science Lab teacher Colleen Gullett. "They learn by doing."

"You can read things in a book, but it's not until you get out there an do it," said Shubert.

The students do everything from laying out the first layer, to shoveling to planting.

With a little help from the master gardeners, the students each had their own learning experience.

"[I like] the raking and the shovels and putting the seeds in the holes," said 2nd grader Ka;lie Oneal.

"I'm hoping for our plants to grow," said Gavin Malone.

In about two months, this pile of paper, straw fertilizers will be more. It's going to be a garden full of squash, turnip greens and carrots.

"We will cook them in the science lab and they make squash fritters, they eat the turnip greens," said Gullett. "They don't have to eat them but they try them."

The adult gardeners believe these pint sized gardeners will be thrilled once the fruit of their labor comes in.

Shubert says the growing process can be very entertaining because the classes will have a contest to see which class has the largest vegetables.

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