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Thousands attend the 'Day For Kids' Event


East Texas kids had a day to celebrate themselves today in Tyler.

KLTV partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of East Texas for our annual "Day for Kids" event.

"Oh yeah I'm having a lot of fun," said Dylan Green, a child who attended the "Day for Kids" event.

From sno cones, to petting zoos, face paintings and more, the "Day for Kids" event had it all.

"I was sliding down a twisting slide and I was sliding on my back" said Green.

Thousands came out to enjoy the different activities and booths.

"We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord so in wanting to bless these kids, we wanted to provide a day for them to come and build things, "Said Raychel Mcklevy, an employee with The Boys and Girls Club of East Texas. "They can bounce on bounce houses, and they can learn how to stay protected and safe."

For the Kelli family, having fun while learning how to be safe is what they enjoyed the most.

"For me as a parent I love the fact that Tyler offers this," said Hale Kelli, a mother at the "Day for Kids" event. "It's a lot of fun to come out, but also as an employee of MADD, we are able to teach the community safe events as well and so that's extremely important to me."

It's an event that's made possible by helping hands in the community.

"Really it's the vendors. It's Trinity Mother Frances, and Home Depot, and First Tee, and the police department and all these different people that come and make it possible to do what we did today," said Mcklevy.

All to offer a day all about the kids.

"We're hoping through "Day for Kids" just to give families the opportunity to come and have fun as a family," said Mcklevy.  "We want them to relax, and not worry about the pressure to pay for something that's fun, and just be able to have fun as a family."

The Boys and Girls Club of East Texas also offers an after school program to help children with their homework in a safe environment.

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