Plant controversy

Two plants are causing quite a controversy across seven East Texas counties after the federal government has designated more than 1,500 acres a critical habitat under the Endangered Species Act. At 6, Houston County officials tell Leigha Hughes that they don't think it's necessary for these plants to seize the land.

There's a 21-year winning streak tucked inside 100 years of dominance. People said Lufkin should just drop Nacogdoches football from its schedule. But it happened. The Nacogdoches Dragons did the unthinkable and beat the Lufkin Panthers Friday night. The last time that happened was 1992. So today, Caleb Beames met with some who played a part in that victory to get their thoughts on Friday's win. That's coming at 6.

It's purple, user-friendly and capable of handling technology from the modern generation. It's the SFA app. Michelle Reed shows it to you at 6.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor