Brookshire Brothers renovation bringing big city design to small town living

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A $2 million project is underway at the Brookshire Brothers flagship store on Frank Avenue in Lufkin. After the holidays, the store will not only have a brand new look, but new products including organic produce, gluten free products and a sports nutrition section.

The store will also have a larger beer and wine selection, grab and go convenience foods and bulk foods like bulk spices, granola, nuts and dried fruits. The location will also have a seafood center, a new floral area, and fresh tortillas.

"We're expanding our store tremendously. We'll have a bigger selection, organics in our produce department as well as a nutritional section that will add to our store. Our floral department is expanding tremendously, as well. We're making it easier and convenient for the customers who are looking for more organics/gluten free items. We'll have a sports nutritional section and I think it be tremendous and make it convenient for our customers that are going out of town. We want them to shop locally. We're going to make it right for them," Andres Hernandez, the assistant store director, said.

The renovation won't add any square footage to the already 62,000 square feet store, but will just add new details and decor, as well as products.

"Our store is going to be real big. It's going to be nice and convenient. It's going to be a big store in a small town. Customers are going to be impressed once we get done with our store," Hernandez said.

Local and regional contractors are working on the project during the night so that they won't interrupt daily shoppers. Hernandez says this is the first renovation the flagship store has had in 12 years.

"This is where it all began. I've been in the company 24 years and I've seen a lot of growth and this is, it's going to be a great experience," Hernandez said.

The renovation is expected to be completed before Thanksgiving.

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