Former Nacogdoches Dragons react to win over Lufkin

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Friday night always bringsexcitement to East Texas football fans. This past Friday oh was no different.

Many fans say thatNacogdoches Dragons beating the Lufkin Panthers is one of the biggest upsets inrecent memory.

When the Nacogdochesdragons beat Lufkin 28-24, it brought up memories from 21 years ago.

"All the studentswere there," said former band member Trey Turner. "The band was going and itwas packed crowd."

"It was really a bigdeal because of our season up to that point," said former Dragon Kicker, EddyFurniss.  "We made a long run to theplayoffs, winning every game we could to win district."

It was 1992 when theDragons beat the Panthers 21-20. Defensive Coordinator Clarence McMichael wasthere just like he was Friday night.

"It was more excitingthan it was in the last couple of ones, because my being a defensivecoordinator and having a full hand in it," McMichael.

That year the dragons madethe playoffs, but could it be the same this time?

"It was one of thoseyears we had great team and a great group of athletes that took us that far,"said McMichael. "Those kids played their hearts out, and I feel the same wayabout this group. They are great group of young men that play hard."

Furniss says he knows awin against a tough panther team will only help the dragons in the comingseasons.

"Any kind of win wecan get against good programs gives us a stepping stone to build a better teamin Nacogdoches," Furniss said.

"It's alwaysimpressive to beat your biggest rival in football," said Turner. "It's reallyimpressive with Lufkin from the standpoint that Lufkin always fields a reallygood team."

Playoffs or not, until next season, Nac fansget to say, "We beat LP."

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