Nacogdoches Public Library mural encourages children to read

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - On Monday, the Nacogdoches Public Library unveiled a meaningful mural for children. A group of Stephen F. Austin State University students painted the mural in hopes of encouraging children to read more.

After several weeks and countless hours of painting the wall size mural is ready for display.

"I hope it encourages the love of reading because as you can see all the different things that are in the book are coming to life," said Judy B. McDonald Public Library Director Mercedes Franks. "I hope that they get that; a book is not just words but its stories, its adventures, it's just happiness."

It's the same happiness Katherine Holmes remembers from her childhood.

"I adore reading and I grew up reading in the library," Holmes said.

A group of SFA art alliance members created the mural representing the fun children can have when they read. The art alliance has been around since the 1960s. As this year's president Holmes said each year they are able to work on a large project together.

"It's a great way to collaboratively work with people who are not necessarily painting majors like I'm a painting major," Holmes said. "Some metals people would come in and some 3D, so you get to interact with people you don't necessarily get to work with."

Not only will children benefit from the mural these students have created but this project has also taught this group valuable lessons.

"It teaches you so much about communication," Holmes said. "Some people were just very technical and about composition, so you just learn a lot."

Ronnie Price is the drawing mastermind behind the idea for this creative mural and while he hopes children will want to read more, he's also hopeful of one other thing.

"Hopefully it will inspire them and make them want to draw," Ronnie said. "

Since the library is big supporters of SFA art students those visiting the public library may see a lot more of their work in the future.

"I think there's lots of room for lots of beautiful work in the library," Franks said.

It's an inspirational work of art that will hopefully be around to stay.

"Hopefully they'll add another mural and just leave this one up," Price said.

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