Lufkin Panther TV no more

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A regular running programon the Lufkin public access channel is no more.

Last weeks' Panther TVbroadcast of the Nacogdoches game was the last by MSG PR.

Panther fans wanting to re-watchFriday night's game during the week will be out of luck.

The weekly broadcast ofpanther sporting events on Lufkin's public access channel has been canceled.

Fans will however be ableto watch archived shows from previous weeks.

Show creator lee millersaid it was a financial move.

"The requirements ofthe school district were just too much for us to comply with at this point andtime and the financial resources from sponsors were not available," Millersaid.

Neither Miller nor TheLufkin Independent School District would comment on the terms, but spokespersonSheila Adams said the district worked out a verbal deal in the summer.

"We were surprised,"Adams said. "Before the football games started this year, we did sit down andspeak with the representatives at MSG PR and what we did is we came to anagreement and everything was understood about what the next few ball games wereabout."

Adams said the district isalready exploring other options and is negotiating a plan for this week's game.

"We know howimportant it is for our community so what we will do this weekend is withLongview," Adams said. "We are discussing with Longview ISD to see if we canteam up with them. They are going to already film that game, so hopefully beable to provide that tape."

Miller said that droppingthe broadcast had nothing to do with the recent performance and that he isalways going to be a panther.

"Lufkin is my almamater," Miller said. "My kids both attended Lufkin High School and aregraduates of Lufkin, so I bleed purple."

Miller added that he hopesthere will be another broadcast in the future.

Miller said that eventhough the broadcast has been canceled, his company will still continue to runthe Lufkin panther sports website.

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