LISD now allowing students to have cell phones in school

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Residents that attended the first panthercommunity forum Tuesday night were introduced to a new technology program atLufkin High School that allows students to use their smart phones on campus.

"We didn't invent the wheel,"Principal Mark Smith said. "We took some policies that would fit ours."

It's known simply as B.Y.O.D, or Bring YourOwn Device.

The school district nowallows students to use phones at lunch and in between classes, as long as it isin a tasteful nature.

"Our phones are apart of our lifestyle now," Lufkin junior Hannah Abner said. "They are fasterand it definitely helps us."

"It really helps uswith respect, because you won't be as worried about your phone if you know youcan use it later," Lufkin senior Marie Nickle said.

The students have used theprogram with few incidents.

"It's made our jobseasy as administrators," Smith said. "It's allowed us to be in the classroom."

Last year at this time, theschool confiscated about 20 phones. This year they have confiscated three.

The school seeseducational potential, letting teachers decide on how devices can be used inthe class room.

"We can research onour phone in class," Lufkin junior Jaylyn Mask said. "We don't have to use theslow laptops, so our cell phones make it faster you can say."

"I use mine in myEnglish class," Lufkin senior Samuel Phillips said. "We are writing over thedeath penalty right now, so it really helps out to look for information ondifferent resources."

At the end of the semesterthe district will look at any changes that need to be made, but educatorsbelieve programs like this are here to stay.

"I think the trendwill continue with resources that schools have," said Smith.

The district also has aneducational pilot program at the middle school in the magnet science class, andat Brandon elementary.

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