E. Texas drug experts urge parents to create a drug-free environment for kids

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Monday a Huntington womanwas arrested for smoking marijuana with her 14-year-old daughter.

"A parent isresponsible for their child and that's just common sense all they're doing issetting that child up for failure," said Greg Sanches, Angelina CountySheriff.

Experts say more kids are being exposed todrugs and alcohol in the home at an early age.

"Their attitudesabout it is, at least we were doing it in the house and this and that,"said Sanches.

Kimberly Black was chargedwith endangering a child after her daughter told police she smoked marijuanawith her mom on multiple occasions.

"For parents whochoose to think I'm going to allow my child to do this in the home because itsmore safe, the long time effects whether they feel it's a good a choice or notit simply doesn't add up," said Kim Simmons, ADAC Prevention Director.

ADAC Prevention DirectorKim Simmons says children and teenagers brains are still developing and thechemicals they are introduced to can affect their development.

Whatever we allow thosekids to use, whatever we allow those kids to do, that is going to be what theychoose to develop as an outline or a blueprint to what's acceptable and what'sok," said Simmons.

Experts say exposure earlyon could lead to addiction later on in life.

Once a kid gets in thattype of environment and they think its ok they're not just going to stop at thehouse," said Sanches.

Simmons says theenvironment that children grown up in they are likely to create when they areolder.

"When they are youngand toddlers we make every move with them as they grow older and gainindependence sometimes we give them full independence before they becomeadults," said Simmons.

And guidance and communication are essentialto keeping kids on the right track.

Black was arrested Monday and charged with endangering achild, which is a state-jail felony. She has since posted her 500 dollars bailand has been released

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