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Your Week in Pop Culture: Miss America gets taste of Twitter hate after win

Miss America Nina Davuluri got her first taste of being a nationally recognized beauty - haters on Twitter. (Source: Miss America Organization/Facebook/MGN Online) Miss America Nina Davuluri got her first taste of being a nationally recognized beauty - haters on Twitter. (Source: Miss America Organization/Facebook/MGN Online)
Britney Spears has new music to go along with her new Las Vegas show announcement. (Source: Wiki Commons/MGN Online) Britney Spears has new music to go along with her new Las Vegas show announcement. (Source: Wiki Commons/MGN Online)

(RNN) – You might have noticed the Miss America contest was on Sunday.

The reason you noticed wasn't because of the contest's return back to its home in Atlantic City, or because you actually watched it. The reason was the social media backlash hurled in the direction of its first Indian American winner, Miss New York Nina Davuluri.

Davuluri, 24, who was born in Fayetteville, NY, was the subject of many hateful, racial comments that connected her to terrorism, convenience store ownership and 9/11. The collection of those tweets can be seen on the Tumblr blog Public Shaming (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE).

The top-two was also a first – the runner up was Miss California Crystal Lee, making it the first time two women of Asian descent were in the finals for the title. Miss New York said she would use the prize, a $50,000 scholarship, towards attending medical school to become a doctor like her father.

Many of the complainers commented that Miss Kansas Theresa Vail, a blond-haired, Midwestern girl who served in the military and has tattoos, should have been crowned. Because all American girls have tattoos and hunt.

Davuluri's pageant platform, by the way, was "celebrating diversity through cultural competency." She will be busy during her reign trying to spread that around the country.

TV: The best of the Fall 2013 season premiers

While some TV addicts are heavy into the final season of Breaking Bad or currently enjoying the beginning of the latest new seasons of Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy, some of last year's biggest hits have yet to start. Here's the best of the fall previews. (If you're watching any of these shows on Netflix or DVD, just keep scrolling. I run amok with spoilers).

  1. How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – debuts Sept. 23 for its ninth and final season. The mother is revealed!
  2. Nashville (ABC) – debuts Sept. 25 for its second season. Do Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna James (Connie Britton) make it out of the car wreck? Also, does the gay cowboy come out of the closet this season?
  3. Homeland (Showtime) – debuts on Sept. 29 for its third season. Where in the north of the border is television's most tortured soul Nicholas Brody (played masterfully by Damain Lewis)? The Season 3 trailer leaves things much in the air after the explosion that killed the vice president and the leader of the CIA. Who's the mole? Where's Brody exactly and who set him up? Is Abu Nazir really dead (it could be a possibility). Where does Carrie stand and is this one of her crazy, psychotic dreams? WHO KNOWS?!?!
  4. Scandal (ABC) – debuts on Oct. 3 for its third season, its second full season. Who leaked the biggest scandal of all? Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) has been carrying on an affair with the President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn). Was it her dad (Joe Morton), who is also the guy who leads the super-secret spy service B-613? And more importantly, why did he send Jake (Scott Foley) to the same hole that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was in? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Check out the dates for your favorite show and when you should set record on your DVR's with the complete list by The Hollywood Reporter.

MUSIC: It's Britney, with new music just in time for Vegas

Just before she announced she would be headlining a multi-year commitment in Las Vegas, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears released a single that is presumably for her upcoming eighth studio album.

The song was leaked on Sept. 15, one day earlier than the projected release date, and was written by pop aficionados Will.I.Am and DJ Otto Jettman.

The dance pumping, work-out anthem Work B****  (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT) features Spears with a British accent, a killer bass line that pulsates throughout the track and the singer calling to all women that if you want to live the fabulous life, you better work it. Are you listening, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga? Britney Spears is talking to you.

The single is reminiscent of the attitude she took on her electronic-pop filled Blackout album that featured Gimme More, Piece of Me and Radar.

Jam of the Week: Janelle Monae ft. Eyrkah Badu - Q.U.E.E.N.Sadly, the crowned princess of R&B is overshadowed by the princesses of pop, but Janelle Monae has a dedicated fan base who loves her eclectic, beautiful sound. Q.U.E.E.N, from her album The Electric Lady, features the godmother of neo-soul Erykah Badu, and the lyrics are an anthem for the belittled and unaccepted but inwardly fabulous.

Other music news: The 20th anniversary edition of Nirvana's third and final album In Utero will be celebrated with digitally re-mastered edition sets, to be released Sept. 24. The popular tracks on the album include Heart-Shaped Box and All Apologies. The album was released Sept. 13, 1993, nearly seven months before lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide on April 5, 1994.

Celebrity: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split

Who didn't see this one coming?

After not being seen since the summer premier of his film Paranoia on Aug. 8, entertainer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth have broken up, ending their relationship and their 15-month engagement on Monday.

Rumors began over the weekend after fans of Cyrus noticed that she un-followed him on Twitter.

Is that the new version of changing your relationship status on Facebook? Passing notes in class? Getting your friend to do it for you by the lockers at school?

I digress. The former love birds met while filming 2009's The Last Song and fought off rumors of being engaged long before it was announced in 2012.

Reps for Cyrus say the break-up comes on the heels of rumors that Hemsworth hadn't been faithful to her. Could it have been because he didn't want to twerk for their first dance or was the thought of becoming Billy Ray Cyrus' son-in-law becoming too real? Christmas cards with matching mullets?!?

Both have moved on fast: Cyrus is celebrating the millions of views her video for Wrecking Ball is racking up, and Hemsworth has reportedly moved on to Latina actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez, after being spotted with her in Las Vegas this weekend.

Again, who didn't see this coming?

MOVIES: 'Insidious: Chapter 2' scares people into theater seats

As predicted last week, Insidious: Chapter 2 had people jumping in their seats at the movies over the weekend. The suspenseful thriller and Robert De Niro's The Family debuted in the top two spots.

Here's last weekend's top five, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to previous week's ranking and weekend gross):

  1. Insidious: Chapter 2 (NR) $40,272,103
  2. The Family (NR) $14,034,764
  3. Riddick (1) $6,841,800
  4. Lee Daniels' The Butler (2)$5,544, 621
  5. We're the Millers (4) $5,404,385

New in theaters: Sept. 20

PrisonersOn Thanksgiving, two families come together to celebrate, but the holiday takes a turn when the two young daughters of the families are abducted. The all-star cast features Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis and Maria Bello.

Enough Saidin memoriam indie flick of the weekIn his final role filmed before his untimely death in June, James Gandolfini plays a divorced man who begins a relationship with the friend of his ex-wife. The film also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Catherine Keener and Toni Collette.

Thanks for SharingThe fall's first romantic comedy goes into a topic that has been a part of many headlines this year – sex addiction. The film stars Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad, Joely Richardson and the acting debut of pop singer Pink.

Also in theaters this weekend: A Single Shot, C.O.G., Battle of the Year.

A little something from YouTube: Marching band kills 'What does the fox say" in performance

In case you are wondering, no, this is not a question that can be answered with an old-school See'N'Say.

The hosts of the Norwegian talk show Ylvis posed the question of what and the viral sensation has become The Fox.  

Now that you're familiar with what pop culture is like in Europe, let's go to the Ohio University's Marching 110 crushing the song with their version, making marching band geeks everywhere dust off their old instruments and march their instruments in their living rooms.

Or is that just me …

Honorable mention

Woman featured in anti-smoking ad dies

College removes sculpture after 'Wrecking Ball' parodies

Creepy clown remains a mystery in UK town

AL native's fundraiser for homeless Good Samaritan in Boston hits $72K

Cleveland Browns trade Trent Richardson

(Dis)honorable mention

NSA leaker Edward Snowden nominated for human rights award

Sarah Palin sued over use of 9/11 photo

MCSO: Man who branded woman's private parts tied to bestiality cases

Cops: Woman uses knives to stab ex-boyfriend following 'Eagles' argument

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