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The Call of 'Doody:' Nacogdoches duo start backyard pet waste removal company


Even the most enthusiastic pet owner will admit it's not very much fun cleaning up their beloved companion's … poop.

East Texas News found two Nacogdoches entrepreneurs who enjoy the chore because they get paid to do it. Siblings Meaghan and Brandon Hardy enter backyards normally occupied by man's best friends.

They watch their step so a growing clientele won't have to.

"Them or their kids end up stepping in dog poop and they track it in their house, and they're like, ‘OK, we really need something like that,'" Meaghan said.

The enterprising animal lovers want pet owners to call House Doody, a company they own and operate.

"And so our name is so memorable that they think, ‘OK, we need to call House Doody and have them come out here," Meaghan said.

It's not everyone's dream job.

"We just walk side by side. Oh!" Meagan said. "We can come every week if you want to. It all depends on you."

And your pet's daily constitutional.

"Usually we go by the yard size and it ranges anywhere from $12 to $15," Brandon said.

Solid pet waste is a mess nationwide. The Environmental Protection Agency puts what your pet leaves behind in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals.

"It can cause all kinds of whip worms and parvo, round worms that can even transfer to humans," Brandon said.

It's not all coming from the dogs. House Doody is a full and equal service provider.

"The litter box swap," Brandon said "You buy the litter box from us. It's $10."

"And that's what's going to help me," said Barbara Stump, a satisfied customer. "Completely clean cat box every two weeks."

House Doody's low overhead brings in extra cash, which the two are saving to open up a pet store someday.

Right now, Meaghan and Brandon say their biggest reward is a wagging tail from a "doodyfull" providers.

Right now on the House Doody Website has an online contest for a pet gift basket filled with $150 in pet items. The winner will be announced next Wednesday at the Nacogdoches Chamber.

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