Latexo ISD introduces tablets to elementary school

LATEXO,TX (KTRE) -  It's hard to ignore all the new technology coming out. Most of the time, tablets and computers are used for leisure, but students in Latexo wake up every morning ready to use their new tablets at school.

Latexo ISD has said yes to the 21st century when it comes to the three "R's".

"With the help of our technology department and of course our superintendent, it's been an exciting rollout of the technology we are bringing in," Dr. Stacy Easterly, Principal at Latexo Elementary School said.

The process started three years ago with getting laptops for the high school.

This year, the districts have added class room sets of KUNO tablets for kindergarten through 2nd grade, and the kids love it.

"Sometimes if we complete everything, we get to move on to something funner," Alexis Bodden said.

"It's fun to have well,fun," said Harrison Griffith. "You always get to have something to do."

"You get on math, reading and writing," said Natalie Nickol.

They love it so much, for some students, it has replaced recess as their favorite activity.

Tablets can be expensive, which is why Latexo decided to by the KUNO tablets.

"KUNO's are designed for a classroom setting, so they come from the factory with a durable protective case," said Instructional Technologist Sandy Simpson.

The teachers have ran with the program.

"When I was at the high school, I heard not one teacher griping or the kids griping about anything," said Dr. Easterly. "They were so excited about the technology."

The parents love the idea as well.

"They know that's where the future is going and they know that is not what we do 100 percent of all anything that goes on here," said Simpson.

Next year, the school district is hoping to be able to get a second classroom set of tablets so the kindergarten classes do not have to share the set they already have between the two classes.

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