Texas State Forest Festival insured for rainy days

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When it rains people areforced to change plans. The Texas State Forest Festival has insured that theydon't lose revenue when rain events happen.

"We are certainlyproud to have that rain, but when the crowd doesn't show up at the festival itruins the whole evening, said Angelina County Chamber President Jerry Huffman.

After a record settingopening night, Thursday saw little foot traffic.

Huffman isn't new to thisevent, which is why the chamber purchased rain insurance.

The festival pre purchasesinsurance for each day.

"Thursday and Fridaynight we would buy insurance for 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. and if we get a half inch orinch of rain then our insurance would kick in," Huffman said.

If the required amount ofrain is reached, the policy will pay meaning the festival won't lose out on itsannual $60,000 profit.

"The forest festivalbenefits the chamber, the Texas Forest Museum, Angelina Beautiful/Clean and theExpo Center, so if we had a good five day event we would be able to give themmore money then we obviously would if we had rain that killed us," saidHuffman.

Insurance agents say nothaving insurance could be costly.

"You can budget forthe incremental amount of rain insurance each year, but if a rain event didoccur and kill participation in the event, that alone could severely impacttheir income for their event," said insurance agent Ben Bartlett.

Huffman said that right now the festival is breaking eveningand he is hoping for a strong weekend showing so the event can be considered asuccess.

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