Protecting Lufkin Middle School kids at Denman Ave. a family tradition

Ensuring safety is a top priority for a Lufkin family when it comes to hundreds of students.

For the past decade, two sisters have been giving back to their community as crossing guards. East Texas News has the story about how the Lufkin women have a love for kids and how they chose to work together.

The McClelland sisters start their morning together every day around 7. As crossing guards for the City of Lufkin, they make sure these kids cross the busy four lanes of Denman Avenue safely.

"In the afternoon, a bigger group walks home so we may cross about 300 kids," Kaitlyn said. "On a busy street like this there are a lot of buses, a lot of cars, a lot of kids that are walking to school so the most important thing to remember is always be aware of our surroundings."

For the past nine years, Lauryn has taken on this responsibility because she too was once a student at Lufkin Middle School.

"I used to actually walk to school here too in the afternoons," Lauryn said.

Three years ago, her sister Kaitlyn decided to become a crossing guard to help her.

"It's great. We love working together and we get to go to work every day together," Lauryn said. We love our job."

"They tell us good morning and that just really makes our day to be able to see the smile on their face that they're ready to come to school, and that really helps get a jump start to our day," Kaitlyn said.

And their neon fashion probably makes students smile, too.

"The school zones are very busy with a lot of traffic, so we try to stay as bright as possible," Kaitlyn.

Their mother, who is also a crossing guard, is the reason they have crossed this path.

These sisters work part allowing them to give back in other ways.

"We're actually full time care givers for our grandmother and then we also devote about 70 hours a month in bible education work in Spanish because we're bilingual," Lauryn said.

The McClelland sisters say they are happy the school year is off to a good, safe start. They have had a few close calls and urge drivers to pay close attention in school zones.

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