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Caregiver making difference in lives of Valley seniors


Joshua O'Campo, 88, is a proud man, who loves his family and independence.

But O'Campo's days of doing things for himself are long gone.

"His body isn't responding the way he'd like," said his daughter Margie O'Campo De Castillo. "He gets very frustrated."

O'Campo's daughter does her best to keep her dad's spirits up, making frequent visits to the Life Care Center at South Mountain.

But not long ago, something happened that dramatically changed O'Campo's attitude and outlook on life.

O'Campo met Life Care Center volunteer Ruby Worley.

"I saw my dad light up the minute she walked in the room," said Margie O'Campo De Castillo. "I've never seen my dad that happy to see me. When he saw Ruby, he said she was just an angel."

Ruby volunteers at the center three days a week, helping with meals, activities and making residents feel more comfortable.

She's made such an impression that Ruby was nominated to be this week's CBS5 - Pay it Forward recipient.

A letter that Margie O'Campo De Castillo wrote, said:

"This lady deserves to win the lottery - but I don't have any control over that - so I request that you Honor Ms. Ruby as a recipient of your Pay it Forward award."

"I think its the epitome of what every human decent person would want to be,"said margie O'Campo De Castillo. "I want to be like Ruby."

"I just do this because I love people,"said Worley. "I don't do it for any kind of recognition or anything like that. I just do it because it's me."

 "They have needs and what I aim to do is help them be more comfortable in this time of their lives," said Worley. "They need somebody and I want to be that person."

Ruby said that she started caring for the elderly at 7 years old when her family moved next door to a retirement home.

She would run over in her free time and help out.

Fifty-four years later Ruby is back making a difference in the lives of Valley seniors.

"I can't just sit around the house. There was something missing," said Worley. When I came here I found what was missing - Many grandpas and grandmas and moms and dads and I want to make them comfortable and love them because they love."

As a Pay it Forward recipient, Worley was given $500.

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