TX Sons of Liberty rally for gun laws in downtown Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Saturday afternoon the red brickstreets of Nacogdoches we filled with gun toting east Texans exercising theirsecond amendment rights.

"A right not exercised is a righteasily lost," said CJ Grisham, President, Open Carry Texas.

The Texas Sons of Liberty Ridershosted the Come and Take it Nacogdoches rally.

The patriot group had various speakersand organizations on hand to teach the community about gun safety and laws.

"We stand for liberty, freed,individual rights and most importantly to preserve the constitution," saidJosie Harrison, Member, TX Sons of Liberty Riders.

"We're trying to raise awarenessand rally our rights as citizens which seem to slowly be eroded on the state,federal and local level," said Grisham.

These patriots are encouraging the communityto exercise their rights and make carrying a firearm in public part of theirroutine.

"It's very important that peopleget used to seeing firearms so they're not as afraid of them," saidGrisham.

Corey Calhoun says he drove in from Lufkinto attend and publicly bear arms with other citizens, he believes taking a standmeans protecting his rights.

"The second amendment is one ofthe foundations of our amendment rights and if we don't have the secondamendment we are going to lose the freedom of speech, freedom to assemble,we're going to lose the freedom to do things our great grandfathers did freely,"said Calhoun.

Open Carry Texas President CJ Grishamsays we all have rights, but they don't mean anything if they aren't beingexercised.

"I want people to exercise theirrights not just rely on them and hope they're there when they are needed,"said Grisham.

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