San Augustine PD: Man sexually assaulted woman, tried to choke her

Christopher Porter (Source: San Augustine County Jail)
Christopher Porter (Source: San Augustine County Jail)

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - Editor's Note: This story contains some graphic sexual content.

San Augustine Police officers arrested a 25-year-old man for aggravated sexual assault after he allegedly met a 24-year-old woman at a Joc Stop, met her at her cousin's apartment, and sexually assaulted her on Sept. 2.

Christopher Porter, 25, of San Augustine, has since posted bail and was released from the San Augustine Jail.

According to the police report the San Augustine Department sent East Texas News Monday morning, the victim met Porter and his friends at the Joc Stop. At one point, Porter allegedly tried to touch her buttocks, and she told him to stop. The victim told police she thought Porter was playing with her, but she didn't like it.

During the conversation, Porter told the victim he was about to go over to her cousin's apartment. She told police that she was lying on her cousin's couch when Porter arrived a short time later.

According to the police report, Porter told the cousin to leave because he was about to "get some." The victim told police that she laughed because she thought Porter was playing again, and that she told him she was not going to have sex with him.

After the room emptied, Porter allegedly began touching the victim's breasts, kissing her neck, and touching her genitalia. The victim told police that told him to stop and get off her. Things continued to escalate, and according to the police report, Porter ripped the woman's pajama pants when he attempted to pull them off.

The woman managed to kick Porter off several times. Eventually, he pinned her arms and allegedly put both hands around her throat and told her to calm down, the police report stated. The woman told police that because she was scared Porter would injure her further, she stopped struggling. At that point, Porter allegedly sexually assaulted the woman.

When the alleged sexual assault was over, Porter reportedly asked the woman when they were going to have sex again, and she told him never, according to the police report. She also told police that Porter smelled of alcohol and was acting intoxicated.

The victim left the apartment and went to a friend's residence, where she called 911, according to the police report. The friend told police that the victim had arrived at her house at approximately 2 a.m. that morning. In addition, the friend said that the victim's pants were ripped, and that her shirt had been stretched out of shape. As the victim was recounting the story of what happened, she was crying and visibly upset, the friend told police.

A SANE exam was performed on the victim. In addition, the clothes she had been wearing at the time of the alleged sexual assault were placed into evidence.

San Augustine Police officers also interviewed the victim's cousin, who said he was drunk and didn't remember a thing about what had happened, other than that when he saw Porter and the victim together, they seemed to be fine.

When the SAPD officers interviewed Porter, he told her that the victim showed him her breast when they met at the Joc Stop. According to the police report, Porter also claimed that the victim told her cousin to lock the door behind him when he went to work. Porter told police that he and the victim were laughing and playing around about the situation, and that it "just happened."

During the interview, Porter denied putting his hands around the victim's throat at one point and said he put them on her shoulders. Later, he admitted to doing it, but said that he had just been playing with her.

Porter was arrested after the San Augustine PD investigators sought and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

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