Police: San Augustine man angry over football game attacks girlfriend while she holds baby

Zhikavan Wilson (Source: San Augustine County Jail)
Zhikavan Wilson (Source: San Augustine County Jail)

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - San Augustine Police officers arrested a 19-year-old man after he allegedly got mad at his 20-year-old girlfriend because she didn't want to go to a football game and assaulted her while she had her 2-month-old son in her arms.

Zhikavan Martyce Wilson, of San Augustine, was charged with endangering a child, a state-jail felony, and assault-family violence, a Class A misdemeanor. He has since posted his bail and has been released from jail.

According to the police report the East Texas News obtained Monday morning, the incident occurred on Aug. 31 in the 900 block of Spruce Street. SAPD officers were dispatched in reference to a fight in progress.

When the police officers arrived on the scene, they began searching the area for the fight. One of the officers spotted a man he recognized as Wilson walking toward his residence on Pine Street.

"Wilson was sweaty and had appeared to have been involved in an altercation," the police report stated.

The police report stated that it looked as though Wilson was attempting to get his girlfriend inside the residence before the officers made contact with him. Witnesses on the scene started pointing at them and telling the officers that Wilson and his girlfriend had been fighting, the police report stated.

Before the young woman went into the bathroom, the officers noticed that she had blood on her lip and that it was dripping from her face. In addition, Wilson had blood on his chest, the report stated. When one of the officers asked where the blood had come from, Wilson said his girlfriend had run into a door.

Because the officers thought Wilson was lying, they detained him and put him the back of a patrol vehicle before they went to talk to the girlfriend, who by then, had washed the blood off her face. The young woman had fresh scratches on her back that she said were from when Wilson assaulted her, the report stated. The report also said the girlfriend's mouth was swollen, and she had a busted lip, along with bruising on the side of her head.

At that point, the officer asked why the woman's baby had blood on his leg and diaper. The girlfriend's 3-year-old child said Wilson was trying to jerk the baby from the girlfriend's hands while he was assaulting her. The girlfriend confirmed what her son had said occurred.

The girlfriend explained to police that Wilson got angry because she didn't want to go to the football game and pushed her. After the girlfriend hit Wilson in an effort to get him off of her, he allegedly pushed her into a room and would not let her out of it, the police report stated. Then, the woman had to wait until Wilson left the door before she could get out. The woman told police that this was not the first time Wilson had assaulted her.

When the officers talked to Wilson to get his side of the story, he told the officers that his girlfriend's injuries were from when they had sex the day before and when she had accidentally ran into his door.

A neighbor told the police officers that Wilson had broken his grandmother's cell phone, so she wouldn't be able to call the police. The neighbor said even though his grandmother had to run a bus route, she stopped by her home and used her land line to call the police.

"The neighbor stated the grandmother and Wilson are scared of Wilson," the police report stated. "The neighbor stated Wilson intimidates them and threatens them with violence."

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