Authorities uncover 100-acre pot farm in Shelby Co.

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Authorities have uncovered and are harvesting a large marijuana farm in Shelby County.

Officers with the Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Precinct 5 Constable's Office were in the area of County Road 4065 all day Monday.

Chief Deputy Shad Sparks said the investigation began following a tip. DPS sent a helicopter over the area Monday morning to confirm the report.

More than 10,000 plants were found. Sheriff Willis Blackwell said they cut down about one million dollars worth.

"Some of these plants I think have been here for a year or more maybe," Blackwell said.

This could be the largest marijuana bust in Shelby County history, according to Sparks.

Some of the plants were as high as 12 feet tall. "We've had some pretty good size marijuana plant areas but never anything like this," Blackwell said. "There's a pretty sophisticated line of irrigation through here and out of two ponds. They've really been harvesting some good plants out of here."

Each of the plants were bundled in a quantity of 25 so that the Sheriff's Office could keep up with the total amount.

Blackwell said the land owner told investigators he did not know anything about the operation. "He was going to have this place cleared and replanted in pine."

Blackwell said more than one person has to be responsible for all of the marijuana found.

"It's got to be a pretty good group in here that are living back at some camps that we found. As much as there is back in here and as much as they've found, anybody that we do arrest or prosecute on it would be on a class 1 felony," Blackwell said.

The Sheriff's Office will continue with this investigation in hopes of finding every plant and all parties involved.

As of Monday afternoon, authorities had filled up two trailers and two dump trucks with the plants and plan to burn them overnight.

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