'The Will Rogers of Walmart'

It was well-known that entertainer Will Rogers never met a man he didn't like. The same is most certainly true of Howard Parks, a popular employee for 20 years at the Nacogdoches Walmart. We feel justified in covering Howard's death after Leigha Hughes went to Walmart today and said employees were lining up to give us interviews about Howard. Any Walmart regulars would recognize Howard immediately. We bring you the story of his life tonight at 6.

One-hundred acres of marijuana. In East Texas. Need I say more? Maegan Prejean has the details and video and she'll have a report for you at 10.

Several years ago, a Douglass pastor found himself behind bars. He may consider that a Godsend today. He has decided to dedicate his time to helping inmates and today Michelle Reed witnessed the first inmate baptisms. She brings you that story at 6.

There are 68 child advocacy centers in Texas. One of them, Kalin's Center, has been helping children for 12 years, without its own space. That was until today. Caleb Beames has the story at 6.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor