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ETX funeral home continues to operate after heavy storm damage


Friday's storms left one Longview business heavily damaged. Lakeview Funeral Home General Manager Bill Wright said they purchased a new roof about two years ago, but it could not withstand the heavy rain. Wright said their receptionist usually sits in the front of the building, but after hearing some strange noises Friday afternoon, she left the room.

Wright said not three minutes later, the roof completely collapsed, right where she had been sitting. Now, her desk it just a pile of rubble.

"The structure had all of the water funneling towards the entrance of the funeral home and because of that heavy rain and that weight, it just collapsed," Wright explained.

Fortunately, because all of the employees were in another part of the building, no one was injured.

"The one person that we had in our care was quickly taken to another facility for their safety," Wright said.

Despite all of this damage, Wright said they are still open for business.

"We are operating this business on a daily basis. We've certainly made arrangements with area churches and other area businesses to provide us an ability to conduct services and visitations and things of this nature," he explained.

He said he is thankful for the assistance and well-wishes they have received.

"Lakeview Funeral Home and Lakeview Memorial Park as well as Memory Park here in town, they've been a mainstay here in this community, and very well known and we are a very respected business. This community is a tight community, so when there are folks that are in need of help, people call."

Wright added they have received an outpouring of support from not only families they work with, but the general public as well.

He says they brought in experts from throughout the country, but will be using local sub-contractors.

If everything goes as planned, they should start demolition on Wednesday, but they do not have a completion date set.

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