Lufkin woman reunites with mother after 60 years

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For nearly 60 years, an East Texas woman had only a picture to remember her mother by. In fact, she lived her life believing her mother was dead. That is, until a Facebook message from her cousin revealed her mom was alive and she was looking for her. And last week, she got to meet her mom for the very first time.

"My last memory of her was when I was about three years old or maybe a little less than that," Charmis Nerren said.

At the age of three, Nerren and her brother were taken from their mother by their father. He moved them from Kansas to Texas. So it was a shock when Nerren received a facebook message from her cousin saying her mom wanted to talk to her.

"It was a big shock. It kind of took me back a little. I just couldn't imagine," Nerren said.

Nerren says her mom looked for her for 60 years, but was never able to track down her babies…until now.

"She had to live with this because I mean her two children were taken away from her and she said she had to just go on with her life," Nerren said.

Nerren said her mom never got law enforcement involved because it was 1953, and women didn't have as many rights during that time. But last week, Nerren traveled to Michigan to meet her mom for the first time.

"I was feeling anxious, scared, wondering if she would like me, but it was very emotional. It was very emotional. I've never had a mom and it was really…it was really a neat meeting," Nerren said.

Nerren says her and her mom have a lot in common from their looks to characteristics. She says they even like to share weight loss tips with one another. She even found out a secret about herself she never knew.

"My name has been pronounced wrong all these years. It's not Charmis. It's supposed to be Charm-es like a charm and that I was named after a nurse that had took care of her," Nerren said.

The now 63-year-old says she also met three brothers she never knew she had.

"It's just amazing. It's like a dream," Nerren said.

Charmis' father passed away nearly 20 years ago, so she will never know why he took her away from her mother.

"It was wrong. It was really wrong of him to keep me and my brother from our mother. It hurt me that he would've done something like that," Nerren said.

But now, Charmis is finally able to fill the hole in her heart that has been empty for so many years.

"When I had talked to her on the phone and I would say goodbye on the phone, she would never say she loved me. But when we were getting ready to say goodbye, she finally did say she loved me and I think that meant more than anything to me," Nerren said.

Nerren says she speaks to her mom once a week and is planning another trip to Michigan next year.

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