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Children struggle to help disabled mother after fire destroys home


An East Texas family is coming together to help their mother after she lost everything when her home burned to the ground.

The fire happened on East Highway 80 in Longview, just East of Loop 281 in Harrison County.

The family says they are ready to rebuild, but desperately need the help of their friends and community.

Homeowner Beverly Guess left her house to run errands, and came back to find her entire home engulfed in flames

"It was horrible. I don't ever want to go through it again," said Guess. "I've already cried so much that I can't cry anymore."

The Harrison County Fire Department believes the fire started from an unknown electrical problem, possibly starting in her bedroom.

All that's left is her melted bed frame, and charred clothes that once hung in her closet.

"I lost my whole life right there," said Guess. 

It was her neighbor that found the burning house first, and worried Guess might be inside.

He went in to try to save her.

"I busted in one door, and then busted in three windows," said Agustan Lopez, Guess's neighbor. "Then I was screaming, 'Mrs. Beverly where are you at?' No one responded and the smoke pushed me out."

This is just one of the many hurdles this family is trying to overcome.

"My son just got out of heart surgery, and I haven't gotten over the shock of that yet, and then this," said Guess. "My daughter just got out from having four stents put in her heart, and then this happened to me. I thought, 'what next?'"

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there.

Guess has spinal stenosis, which keeps her from working.

Through it all, Guess says it's not the materialistic things she's worried about

"When you lose your family belongings that mean a lot to you, you can't get them back. It's gone," said Guess. "Material things you can put back, and I thank God I wasn't hurt, or anyone else was hurt."

"I can't stand seeing her cry. That's my mom," said Edward Rogers, Guess's son.

The family has set up an account through Community Bank to help their mother get back on her feet.

You can mail donations to Community Bank, P.O. Box 2232, Longview, TX 75606, or donate at any Community Bank.

The account name is "Fire Relief."

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