Small-town man with big-city dreams

A self-taught East Texas clothing designer is making a name for himself, one dress at a time. At 5, Leigha Hughes explains how Sergio Armas hopes his success will inspire others to follow their dreams.

Burn bans are being lifted across East Texas, thanks to last week's heavy rainfall. For the past two years, Lake Nacogdoches has been hit hard by droughts and the city was a little concerned for this year. But that may be a long-lost worry now. Michelle Reed explains at 6.

Since the end of August, more than 1,900 cases of the whooping cough have been reported across the state. And at 6, Caleb Beams shows you how early detection and a proactive approach worked out best for one Lufkin woman.

September is National Recovery Month and two East Texans are hoping to raise awareness about substance abuse. These two Lufkinites were stuck in addiction for a total of 60 years, but today their sobriety is helping them to encourage others that they too can win the battle. Maegan Prejean's installment of "Survivors" at 10.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor