Crockett self-taught clothing designer making a name for himself one dress at a time

© Photo Courtesy: Eric Anugraham
© Photo Courtesy: Eric Anugraham

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - A self-taught East Texas clothing designer is making a name for himself one dress at a time.

Sergio Armas went to Dallas last weekend after winning a design competition and his gowns hit the catwalk for the very first time.

Armas is sewing his dreams together on stitch at a time.

"I really have no idea how exactly I learned how to make dresses but it just kind of happened," said Armas.

Three-years-ago Armas was attending East Texas Baptist University majoring in mass communication when he felt the pull towards the sewing machine.

Little did he know designing ran in his blood….

"My grandmother, on my mom's side. I didn't meet her. She died when my mom was 13 and she was actually a designer," said Armas. He says he didn't find out about her talent until just recently.

Then last year Armas entered the "Terry Costa Catwalk Design Competition" in Dallas.

"I  had only been designing for a year so I was pretty nervous about it and I entered a design," said Armas. "It was a gold peplum ball gown, gold and black and it had diagonal stripes on it and I actually won."

"You gotta work hard. You gotta be determined to do it. Believe me, I've heard no so many times and to finally hear a yes and finally be accepted for what I like to do," said Armas.

His win earned him a $1,000 scholarship, a trip to the Dallas Market and a mini-fashion show complied of Armas' work over the past year.

"I showcased some of my pieces. I think I showcased around 9… and I mean people really seemed to love it and like it," said Armas. "I'm grateful for that and I've had a pretty positive response from it."

He says walking out with his model after his first fashion show was emotional.

"It was actually pretty emotional because I know I showcased one dress last year but this was pretty much my first time to showcase a lot of my work and putting a part of your creativity out there for people to pick apart and try to judge it," said Armas. "But it was pretty emotional walking out with my model and I walked up and everything was great and then I walked back and I was looking at the back wall and I just started feeling it and I was like oh my gosh, I don't' want to do this right now but I kept it in and I kept it under control but it was a fantastic feeling."

"I think it probably is my top moment as of now, hopefully there will be more," said Armas.

Armas works out of his house in Crockett and creates custom special occasion, bridal and prom dresses. He even converted his bedroom into his very own work studio to maximize his creativity.

"Coming from a really small town that doesn't have any resources for this business and then trying to put myself out there I think I've accomplished a good amount," said Armas.

Armas hopes his success inspires others...

"No matter where you come from or what your circumstances are you can achieve whatever you wanted to. You can achieve your dreams," said Armas. "I do want to inspire people. I do want to help them and maybe by hearing my story they will work harder."

Of course Armas says he has the same dreams as any fashion designer: to work in New York, Paris or London but for now he is happy.

"I love what I do right now. I would like to grow as a company like anyone would. I would like to open up stores and stuff like that but as of now...I'm pretty happy."

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