ADAC celebrates Recovery Awareness Month with Rally in the Park

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Thursday afternoonChambers Park was filled with food, family and fun in honor of NationalRecovery Awareness Month.

The Alcohol Drug and AbuseCouncil hosted their annual recovery rally recognizing those who've changedtheir lives by overcoming substance abuse.

"They're productivecitizens in our community and they have got their lives back on track afterrecovering from alcohol or drug problems," said Phyllis Grandgeorge,Executive Director.

"Thursday's rally was a celebration ofthose in recovery and community leaders hope to raise awareness about substanceabuse and prevention."

"If we can preventabuse it cost way less than treatment and devastation to the family," saidGrandgeorge.

In 2011, over 20 millionpeople were classified with substance dependence or abuse in the U.S.

Judge Bob Inselmann saysrecovery is a lifelong process and county officials are working to help end thenegative cycle.

"Here Angelina Countywe are very proactive, my people have gone to six months intensive program theyget back out and we try to get them back in our system," said Inselmann.

Central High School seniorEmily Avriett volunteered at the event and hopes that her and her peers arehelping to set a positive example.

"Hopefully one day they'llremember us and want to be a drug free all-star as well and realize drugs aren'tcool and alcohol isn't cool," said Avriett, Drug Fee All-Star.

ADAC officials say supportgroups and counseling play a major role in recovery success and they hope thecommunity wide effort make an impact on the next generation.

"If parents andgrandparents can educate their children about drugs and alcohol to prevent thatproblem then they don't lead a life of abuse," said Grandgeorge.

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