Lufkin Marine Corps reunite marine with family memorabilia

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Greggory Jenkinsspent Saturday afternoon looking through old family photos and high schoolmedals, memories he thought were lost forever.

"To follow me across the world to makesure these memories aren't lost from me, you can't put a price to it and youcan't put words do it," said Jenkins.

Lufkin Marine CorpsLeague Commandant Brian Crews says, a local woman called and found thememorabilia among items purchased in an auction.

Crews says hesearched Jenkins on the internet in hopes of contacting him.

"I saw where hehad commented on a high school teacher that had died in a car accident and atthe bottom of that comment it said he was stationed in Japan," said Crews.

Crews says in a matter of hours he tracked himdown from his former base in Japan to where he is currently stationed in BatonRouge.

"Itsheartwarming to know that we could reunited a good marine with some personalbelongings that he thought was gone forever," said Crews,

Jenkins says many ofthe medals and awards that were found are reminders of what got him started onthe path of leadership.

"To have anotherMarine to come and do what Marines do, go back and take care of a marine,"said Jenkins.

Crews says that's what marines are all about,looking out for each other and freely offering service in a time of need.

"That whatMarines do, we take care of our own people and we knew that it was a chore thatwe had to do and we were willing to do and very grateful to do," saidCrews.

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